Seventeen Prisoners at Evin on Hunger Strike and in Solitary Confinement

Thursday 29 July 2010

According to reports by Kalameh News Site and other independent human rights investigators, at least seventeen prisoners of conscience imprisoned in the aftermath of the protests to the disputed results of the Presidential elections have been transferred to solitary confinement and are on hunger strike. The seventeen prisoners were being held at Evin’s Public Ward 350, but were transferred to solitary confinement in Ward 240, after they objected to prison conditions, including poor treatment by prison guards and officials and poor prison conditions and refusal of officials to allow them weekly visits with their family members. All those transferred to solitary confinement have gone on hunger strike to protest their conditions as well as their transfer to solitary confinement. While at first the names of these prisoners were unknown, the list of seventeen prisoners currently on hunger strike has been made available to Kalameh news site and by other independent human rights activists.

Bahman Ahmadi Amoui and Keyvan Samimi, both journalists, were the first prisoners to be transferred to solitary confinement on Monday July 26, 2010 at 3 am. According to reports received, the names of prisoners who have been transferred to solitary confinement following their objection to poor prison conditions include:

1. Ali Malihi, student activist and member of the Student Alumni Organization;

2. Bahman Ahmadi -Amouee , journalist;

3. Hossein Nouraninejad, journalist and member of the reformist party Participation Front;

4. Abdullah Momeni, student activist and spokesperson for the Student Alumni Organization;

5. Ali Parviz, student activist;

6. Hamid Reza Mohammadi, political activist;

7. Jafar Eghdami civil society activist;

8. Babak Bordbar, Photographer;

9. Zia Nabavi, Student banned from continuing his studies;

10. Ebrahim (Nader) Babaie, civil society activist and an injured veteran of the Iran-Iraq war;

11. Koohyar Goudarzi, human rights activist and weblogger;

12. Majid Dori, student activist;

13. Majid Tavakoli, student activist;

14. Keyvan Samimi, journalist;

15. Qolamhossein Arashi, arrested during the Ashura protest in Tehran;

16. Payman Karimi arrested during the Ashura protests in Tehran; and

17. Mohammad Hossein Sohrabi Rad, political prisoner arrested in relation to his follow-up activities regarding death and torture in Kahrizak prison and sentenced to four years in prison and 74 lashes—he was a member of Karoubi’s Election Campaign team.

From among these seventeen prisoners, Bahman Ahmadi Amouie began his hunger strike three days ago, followed by five others the next day, including Majid Tavakoli, Abdullah Momeni, and Kouhyar Goudarzi. The rest of these prisoners went on hunger strike on Thursday to demonstrate their support for their prison mates. These prisoners have vowed not to end their strike until their demands are met.

While seventeen of these prisoners’ names have been leaked from inside the prison, there still may be others in solitary confinement and on hunger strike. It is also reported that the phones in Ward 350 have been cut off as to prevent communication about the situation of these prisoners to the outside world and to the press. Updates will be provided as received.

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