Commemoration ceremony for 22 Khordad (June 11)

Commemoration ceremony for 22 Khordad (June 11), the day of solidarity for Iranian women, was met with confronted with security guards

The coordinating committee for the commemoration ceremony of 22 Khordad (June 11) said in its second statement: “today, a number of women’s movement activists had planned to gather in the Silk Road Gallery in Tehran to commemorate 22 Khordad (June 11), Women’s Solidarity Day. Once they arrived at the gallery the group was confronted with closed doors and security guards who prevented the group from participating in the ceremonies. Although the cultural gallery’s management had agreed to hold the ceremonies there, he was forced to shut the gallery’s doors and cancel the ceremonies because of an order from the security guards”.

For the past several years, the date of 22 Khordad (June 11) has been known as the day of solidarity for Iranian women and their efforts to achieve equal rights. In Khordad of 1384 (2005), ceremonies were held in front of Tehran University, and in Khordad of 1385 (2006), they were held in 7 Tir Square where 70 individuals were arrested.

The statement by the coordinating committee also noted: “the planned ceremonies were supposed to commence with a speech by Simin Behbahani, Iran’s national poet, and continue with roundtable gatherings and discussions dealing with a variety of subjects, entitled: ‘women against discrimination’, ‘no to unequal laws’, ‘review of demands and objectionable issues in the women’s movement’, ‘review of parliamentary bill on family support and review of feminine achievements’, and ‘continuation of demands and visions’. In another roundtable, discussions were supposed to center around the cost of the women’s movement from Khordad ‘۸۴ (June ‘۰۵) through Khordad ‘۸۷ (June ‘۰۸), the benefits that have been gained in the public arena, and its impact on the women’s movement”.

The coordinating committee ended their statement by addressing the Iranian people in general, and Iranian women in particular: “the authorities in the last 2 years have refused to grant permits to the women’s movement to hold peaceful gatherings, and authorities have dispersed any small gathering with force and intimidation. In several cases the authorities have even prevented any gatherings by activists in their own private residences. It is regretful that the authorities are so horrified by a gathering held with a limited crowd of 150 to 200 people in an indoor location that they have to disrupt it”.

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